Reiki Classes

Reiki I

Attunement of the first level of Reiki

$222 (cost of weekend class and materials)

Learning Reiki is open to anyone. At the first level, the student is introduced to the history of Reiki and the fundamentals of this mode of healing. Reiki level I is centered around opening the students higher chakras and activating the palm chakras in their first attunement. It opens the pathway for Universal Energy to flow through the student to be used on themselves or any human, animal, or plant. After the attunement, the student may experience tingling at the palms that may last for minutes to days. Also, with an open third eye, the student may experience increased mental and spiritual clarity. 

Reiki II

Attunement of the second level of Reiki 

$333 (cost of weekend class and materials)

Reiki level II introduces the student to distant healing and includes the distance symbol. Reiki can be sent across space and time to a recipient not in the same room, and it can be sent in a future or past time line. Reiki level II also allows for an increase in the strength of the energy and enhances the student's ability to focus energy.

At the Reiki II level, the student has the tools to set up a business as a Reiki Practitioner.

Advance Practice Reiki

Continuing Education for advanced Reiki II practitioners.

$222 (cost of weekend class and materials)

This class is designed to mature the practice of the Reiki II student. To give tips, support, and more in-depth knowledge on how to use Reiki in your every day life and how to hold space for your clients. Using crystals, essential oils, sound therapy will also be discussed and allowing the student to discover how to use their own creativity to enhance their Reiki practice. A deeper study of our chakra system will also be explored.

Master of reiki

$555 (cost of apprenticeship and materials) 

Reiki Master level is the third level of Reiki. Personal growth is explored and opens the student more completely to the limitless potential of Reiki. This is not a weekend class but a dedication to mastering yourself and a multifaceted apprenticeship created to awaken the student to their true divine nature. The student will have the tools to use the Master symbol which means,

'great shining light" and has the most transformative power of them all.

Reiki Master/teacher

$777 (cost of apprenticeship, attunement instruction and materials)

The Master/Teacher level is also the third level of Reiki, that said, above the personal growth and apprenticeship will be the ability to teach and attune others to be Reiki practitioners. 

Support will be given to the student as he/she plans their own curriculum and when teaching their first classes.