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About Myself

I am an Empath, an Intuitive and an Oracle. 

I am a Master/Teacher of traditional Usui Reiki and have been practicing since October 2016. My career as a nurse began when I was a young adult by volunteering at a local hospital as a Candy Striper.  My love and dedication to my calling awarded me the Hilda Delinbacher Excellence in Nursing award in 2015. In 2016  a huge shift happened in my life that birthed an awakening and I began to heal myself by facing my shadow and accepting myself fully and completely. I was introduced to the Buddhist path to enlightenment, I began learning to meditate and do yoga and from that came the knowledge that I have never fully and completely loved myself and that what I had been searching for for 38 years resided inside of me all along.  In 2016 I was attuned to Reiki I & II and began accepting clients immediately. In 2017, I participated in a 9 week mentoring program that facilitated my personal and spiritual evolution. The beginning of 2019, I completed the Reiki Master/Teacher apprenticeship. As I continue to awaken to my divine  purpose, I am able to hold space for others to awaken to theirs. 

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More About Me

I was born the year of 1976 into a family of four in Fort Wayne Indiana. We were like many other families, struggling to make ends meet and deep in the fundamental Christian life. Most of my childhood memories were very positive. We were very well cared for and always had our needs met. My father worked 2-3 jobs at a time and my mother stayed home with my brother and I before we attended private Lutheran schools from K5-12th grade. I had a difficult time growing up indoctrinated into a religion that I did not chose and I always felt that there was big truths missing. I love to sing and enjoyed singing in the choir at church, I also was very active in youth group and volunteering my time to outreach programs.

I ended up being very oppositional defiant and getting into trouble as a teenager. 

After high school, I wasn't sure where my life was to go. I worked some odd and end jobs and ended up getting pregnant very early in my young adult life. I got pregnant again not long after my first child and felt pressured to marry the father of my second child, which didn't last long!

I knew I was destined to be a nurse and after a long career as a nursing student, I finally graduated in 2009.  

In 2016 I began looking into Eastern Medicine and my view on Western Medicine began to change and that is where I began to treat myself holistically. I was taking about ten different medications and I was able to decrease it to three.  Since then, I have been on a fast track to increasing my wellbeing through dietary practices, detoxing and living as naturally and organically as possible.

I was led to learn Reiki and I immediately felt at home! I finally found my true purpose in life and if wasn't for the path that led me there, I would have never found it! 

I have also discovered the many benefits of meditation and I also teach it to others along with teaching Reiki to those interested in learning!

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